Endurance Events

Judgement Day Endurance events are for those who are ready to take the physical and mental challenge of events like OCR and Trail Running a step further – those who understand that they won’t know their limits until they’ve had them pushed to breaking point.

Over 36 punishing hours, The Unknown will test your ability to overcome fear, adversity and physical and mental exhaustion. Taking place in a secret location, no details of the event will be revealed in advance – participants will only be informed of where they should meet us long after tickets have already sold out.

Interested? If you want a taste of what The Unknown 2015 held for those brave enough to attempt it, take a look at the reviews below. But be warned – the 2016 event will be in an entirely new location, with completely different challenges.


Reviews for The Unknown 2015

It was absolutely brutal and horrible and yet, despite this, I’m genuinely buzzing more about it than I possibly ever have been after any other event. (Mudstacle)

Tasks included 6 hours of press ups, burpees, burying food, memory tasks, carries and swimming in the sea at 2am… (MuddyRace)

The constant grind of sand everywhere not only testing your muscles but rubbing away at your skin…the small amounts of food, the smaller amounts of sleep. This was not an easy ride. (BrocketGear)