Check out some of the reviews from recent races:

Race 9: Christmas Team Challenge, Dec 2016

Mudstacle – Putting the fun back into OCR 

Race 8: The Unknown,  North Wales, Sept 2016

Mudstacle – Check out these images…..

Race 7: Pippingford Park, 2016

Mudstacle – I made my mum run Judgement Day….

Race 6: Bordon, Hampshire, 24th October 2015

Mudstacle – Phil’s ‘Must Do’ Race

Muddy Race – A race series who are really getting it right!

Race 5: The Unknown, Merthyr Mawr, 12-13 September 2015

Mudstacle – 36 Hours Of Hell

Muddy Race – Over 50 Take Part In The UK’s Death Race ‘The Unknown’

Brocket Gear – Now I Know!

Race 4: Pippingford Park, East Sussex, 18-19 July 2015

Mudstacle – The story of two halves

OCR Europe – Race Review

Race 3: Copehill Down, Salisbury 04 April 2015

Muddy Race – better than chocolate eggs at Easter

Muddy Race – Video: a runners view

Mudstacle – Video: The UK’s top obstacle course racers 

Race 2: Bordon, Hampshire, 04 November, 2014

Mudstacle – Damn You Evil B@$%ards!

Muddy Race – A Truly Great Event Of Biblical Proportions

Trek and Run – A Beautiful Monster Of A Race

Jordan Fitness – Mud, Sweat And Tears….of Joy!

Race 1: Copehill Down, Salisbury 26-27 April, 2014 – MF Takes On Judgement Day – Judgement Day Review – Judgement Day Review & Video – Judgement Day Race Report – Learning The Art Of Urban Obstacle Warfare

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