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2016 Events FAQ

With our 2016 events announced and ready to book, we thought we’d anticipate and clear up any questions you may have in this handy FAQ. If anything else springs to mind, just head over to our Facebook page and we’ll be happy to answer.

Why have you partnered with Wiggle?

Wiggle have a great track record with their cycling events, but their customer base has become much more diverse as they’ve grown. We’re lucky enough to have a fantastic community surrounding our races – with some of the best reviews in the business to boot. So, blending our expertise and Wiggle’s vast network, we see this partnership as a great way to spread the good word of OCR and welcome more people into the JD family.

Will the JD OCR races still have the same style? Will Mark & Dean still have control?

Nothing is changing about the way we run our races. We’ll still be offering our own unique, challenging form of OCRs that you’ve come to expect from Judgement Day. We’ve made sure that this year we’ve included short and long distances for all of our races, so first-timers and OCR veterans alike can tackle a JD course – but that doesn’t mean we’ve sacrificed on quality.

The values we were founded on still remain true, the only difference is we’ll be bigger and better than ever.

Will the races increase in price?

In short, no, they’ve actually come down in price. We’ve decided to offer a flat cost for all of our events, keeping things simple for everyone involved. The only increase will be for those paying cash on the day, which will be £15 more than registering online.

Why a trail run?

We’ve been running The Eliminator brand for the last 12 months, but decided it would be better to try and grow the one brand rather than two. We’ve also included two distances to ensure both newcomers and our core OCR community will be challenged.

Trail running is a great introduction to obstacle racing, so it’ll be really beneficial for those who are uncertain about taking on a full OCR to tackle the terrain and get a taste of what it’s like.

It’s also great to mix things up as an OCR runner too and the JD team certainly do that – taking part in road/trail running events through to triathlons throughout the year. So the half marathon distance ensures we’re still pushing the regular racers with a tough, technical course that Pippingford Park has to offer.

Will you be running a marathon distance trail run, or a 24 hour race?

We wouldn’t rule anything out, but for 2016, these distances won’t be on offer. We’ll take stock at the end of the event calendar and make a call for the following year from there.

Will you still need volunteers?

Absolutely. We couldn’t do this without the help of our volunteers and we’ll need you again this year.

The same rules apply: by giving us your time, we’ll give you free entry to the next event and some special swag thrown in. If you’re interested, here’s the volunteer form to get involved.

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