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5 Reasons Why You Should Train With a Buddy

If you’re signed up and getting ready for Bordon, you’re probably starting to ramp up the intensity of your training sessions. To help you stay motivated and get the most from your workouts in the build-up, Dean and I thought now would be a good time to speak up for the advantages of training with a fitness buddy! So if you’re preparing for some tough weekend circuits, here are five reasons why having a training buddy will help you to get the most out of your training.

1. To increase your motivation

There are some mornings when getting out of bed to go for run can feel like a new kind of hell. Arranging to meet a friend for a training session makes it that much harder to reset the alarm or head straight home after work. In this way, training with a buddy leverages the fear of flaking to help you to hit your fitness goals.


2. To improve performance

There’s evidence out there to show that having a fitness buddy actually serves to increase performance during training sessions over a period of time. By introducing healthy competition with someone you know into routines, you’ll have the extra motivation you need to finish that last set or push on over the last mile.

3. Introduce new exercises into your routine

On a practical level, having a partner with you enables you to do exercises that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Throw in a few core strength exercises like leg throws or medicine ball (or sandbag!) throws. A partner also opens up the possibility of mixing up your routine with boxing. Jab, weave, hook and repeat!


4. Save money on personal training

This point can be interpreted a couple of ways. If you’re looking into getting a personal trainer but are put off by the cost, doing sessions with a friend is a good way to reduce the price per person. But if your reason for wanting to get a personal trainer is mostly motivational, having a fitness buddy who you can train with is a cheaper alternative.

5. Have more fun

When it comes to fitness routines, we all have our own habits and preferences. But if we’re training on our own day after day, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same routines over and over. Training with a friend brings another perspective and fresh ideas to incorporate into training sessions. As well as being better for overall fitness, this variety makes training for an OCR fun!

Do you have a Bordon training buddy? Let us know and share your training photos with us on our Facebook, or tweet us @judgementdayuk!

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