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5 Reasons to Run an OCR in 2015

There are as many good reasons for taking part in an OCR as there are OCR runners and, in the last couple of years, we’ve come to realise that everyone who enters a Judgement Day event has their own story and their own personal motivation. From relatively relaxing 5k races to full-on tests of fitness, the OCR calendar is packed full of an extraordinarily wide range of events, which really do cater for everyone. But just in case there’s anyone out there who’s in need of a bit of gentle persuasion, here are some our top reasons for running an OCR.

It’s the Most Fun You Can Have in a Compression Shirt

If trying to picture what an OCR event might be like, imagine a cross between a trail run, a festival and Ninja Warrior. A Judgement Day race pushes runners to the limit, but they all arrive at the finish line with a wide grin and sense of accomplishment.


To Push Your Fitness to Another Level

It’s all too easy to coast through workouts and cardio sessions, just doing the minimum to stay fit without ever really pushing yourself. Entering an OCR is a great way to stretch and challenge yourself, which can make you fitter, faster and healthier than ever.

You’ll Be in Better Shape for Other Sports

Chances are that after training for the hill runs, obstacles and punishing load carries you’ll be in the shape of your life. Training for, and running in, an OCR event is pretty much guaranteed to improve your cardiovascular endurance and strength, both of will have considerable crossover benefits for other sports.


To Experience the Great Outdoors

OCRs aren’t unique in offering people the chance to get fit and get outdoors, but there aren’t many – or any – other sports that utilise natural terrain in quite the same way. In past Judgement Day events, entrants have had to swim across rivers, struggle through boggy woodland and traverse up and down more than their fair share of hills.


For the Community and Feel-Good Vibes

Strictly speaking, it’s probably OK to call Judgement Day a race – the events are chip-timed and results count towards the Mudstacle League. But the problem with this label is it misses what Judgement Day is really about: the camaraderie, the community and collective sense of relief at crossing the finish line together.

What are your top reasons for taking on Judgement Day? Are you ready for Bordon? Let us know about what you think on our Facebook page!

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